1. Perimeter of home – Locate openings around your home that may be rodent accessible.

2. Crawlspace – Making sure the crawlspace doors are sealed is very important to keep rodents out. Also the damage under a home due to rodents is a good way to determine the level and length of rodent activity.

3. Attic – Locating droppings in an attic is crucial to define the rodents that may be in your home, determine the level of activity, and can help determine the time length of the rodent problem.

4. Roof – Most roof vents (95% or more) are not sealed with rodent barriers to allow ventilation, but prevent rodent access.

5. Garage – Rodents tend to use garages as an entry point due to the ease of access. Some garage doors do not seal properly or the weather stripping along the bottom of the doors can easily be chewed away.

6. Kitchen – Most mice problems show signs of dropping in the kitchen. Rats and mice will follow plumbing to enter and find food.

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